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It’s been a whole year…What this B2B learned in 2012

Posted on January 1st, by The Marketing Stylist in Marketing, Organization, Shop Talk Blog. No Comments

The Marketing Stylist brand is a year old this month.

In this first year I’ve met some incredible people, was blessed with great clients and even learned a few lessons along the way (that’s code for made some mistakes).

Here are a few things I learned from my first year as The Marketing Stylist.… Continue

Be Productive, Be Mobile, Go Google!

Posted on August 16th, by The Marketing Stylist in Organization, Shop Talk Blog. 1 Comment

Today is a first here on Shop Talk! We have our first guest blogger, @Lela Donelson! I met Lela at a networking function here in Houston and what a smart lady! We did what good networkers are supposed to do and met for coffee and our paths have always crossed.… Continue

Business lessons from Kobe the Labrador

Posted on April 25th, by The Marketing Stylist in Organization, Shop Talk Blog. No Comments

About three years ago, I tried my hand at vegetable gardening. This would be my second attempt and it proved no different than the first. The results were dismal. We carved out space in our backyard, added a few bags of good soil to the sandy stuff our home builder put down and we got a lot of nothing.… Continue

TMI: Too Much Information

Posted on February 27th, by The Marketing Stylist in Email Campaigns, Organization, Social Media, Time Management, Twitter. No Comments

There are some days I feel like an IBM 286 with a dial-up modem trying to process and keep up with all the information thrown at me on a daily basis. There are days when there is simply TMI…too much information.… Continue

Is clutter impacting your clarity?

Posted on February 13th, by The Marketing Stylist in Organization, Shop Talk Blog, Women Owned Business. No Comments

This is a guest post by Genyne Vinson of Time2Spare. Genyne is an organizational aficionado, future blogger and “to-do” list killer. With Spring Cleaning and tax season upon us, she shares tips on decluttering your home and office.

Mental clarity can be greatly affected by our physical clutter.  Have you ever gone on a cleaning spree and afterwards you just felt lighter…like you could breathe deeper and think clearer?… Continue