This Halloween She Takes Her Revenge

New book shares how women can not only face their fears but kick Fear’s butt and create the life they’ve always wanted.

Houston, TX – October 16, 2014 —What if that scary chick in the horror flick stopped running and turned around and kicked the creepy guy’s butt? It could happen. For professional speaker and author Lisa N. Alexander, it did happened. She faced her fears, kicked Fear’s butt and was able to pursue her dreams. Now she shares how other women can experience this same success in her new book, Put It Out There! 5 Steps to Kick Fear’s Butt and Move Your Dream Forward.

Alexander says the first thing women have to conquer is something she calls “throwed-off thinking.” In her book she describes this type of thinking as “thinking that keeps one in an impoverished mind set. It’s thinking steeped in lies because the truth is so different and so scary that it’s much more convenient to believe the lie.”

Alexander deals with “throwed-off thinking,” how to conquer it and how to overcome Fear’s paralyzing ability.

Her five steps to move a goal or dream forward are practical and insightful and true to her gift as a storyteller.

So this Halloween, women who are scared to put it out there and are paralyzed by fear can flip the script and become Fear’s aggressor.

Now take that Jason and Chucky and all you other creepy Halloween type dudes.

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