Marketing 101

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Marketing 101 – Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Marketing a new business can be challenging and costly. Many startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners employ DIY marketing and often with dismal results.

Lisa’s program shares the marketing basics, highlights the pitfalls and gives business owners a good platform to launch from. Filled with lots of real world examples this presentation is perfect for any gathering of entrepreneurs and small business owners. The program covers marketing mix, target audiences and segmentation, social media, content marketing and what it takes to create marketing materials that get you noticed.

Key takeaways are:

  • Use all of marketing, not just social media to get your message across.
  • Why being customer-centric is harder than it sounds and why mastery of this skills is necessary.
  • Marketing is setup for the sale – can’t be afraid to ask for the sale.


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