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Woman-at-computer-2 I have a current need for an online media manager that will create strategy, campaigns and manage and grow my online presence through consistent blogging, social media interactions, and video creation.

The online media manager will be responsible for the company reaching its targeted social media goals and growing the subscriber list.

This person/company will update the existing editorial calendar and create and run all social media campaigns.

The online media manager will sift through all existing content and determine what can be repurposed. This includes highlights from This Woman Knows and Put It Out There! Five Steps to Kick Fear’s Butt and Move Your Dream Forward.

The online media manager will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing/updating keywords and phrases
  • Monitor trends and position the brand accordingly through appropriate posts, memes, and/or video
  • Create, run and monitor social media campaigns
  • Create strategy for growing subscriber list
  • Seeking out and pitching guest post opportunities

Skills requirement:

  • Working knowledge of WordPress
  • You know Google Anayltics like you know the wine list at your favorite spot
  • You generally like people and know how to communicate really well with them
  • You think big…you have a “Well, why can’t we?” kind of mindset
  • You know what makes Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Vine tick
  • Not required but extremely helpful if you knew InDesign and Photoshop (no big deal if you don’t, I’m impressed if you do)
  • You can edit videos…from your smartphone even!

This is a part time contract position.

Budding entrepreneurs welcome to pitch!

Send me your best pitch as to why we should work together and how much it will cost.

Send me samples of related work.

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